Consucall specialises in sourcing and booking appointments for sales agents and brokers

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Consucall specializes in sourcing and booking appointments for sales agents and brokers.

We understand the frustration that brokers and consultants experience when they are not seeing enough people to close deals, and when they do find those few pitching opportunities, it is often unqualified prospects. We can eliminate these hurdles by separating the closers from the fetchers, by using our expertise and resources to make the right appointments for our clients.

We make it our business to find you qualified prospects by making use of our call centre, and database which consists of 22 million economically active consumers. The pre-selection process makes use of dense demographics like age, income, credit status, home ownership, directors etc. which ensures that each appointment has been pre-selected and pre-qualified and all you have to do is to focus on your skills and close the deal.

Setting the benchmark in unique solutions for brokers, insurers and consultants..

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Consucall’s professional service has been consistently acknowledged and celebrated by the industry.

All our appointments are pre-qualified using dense demographics, no more seeing unqualified clients that cost you time and money

We source and book your new appointments and we will also manage your diary using our seamless and user friendly CRM system

We offer proof of concept at reduced rates. Our clients can see exactly how we will go about achieving their needs

Our clients can expect within a range of 20 – 40 appointments per month per sales consultant

We use a sophisticated user interface that streamlines the process. The results speak for themselves. Fast, efficient and easy to understand

Consucall is the most affordable lead generating platform on the market. Minimum costs for maximum profits

We are P.O.P.I compliant. Consucall prides it self by following strict protocol and doing everything by the book.


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